The Trunk Show / Application

We are an exclusive Fashion Platform that gives designers the opportunity to showcase and sell their creations, meet new clients and make connections with retailers and collaborators, with the means to expand their reach.

Want to apply and connect to THE TRUNK SHOW?


If your application is approved you will receive a notification by email and we will send an invoice to pay registration fee, a total of $200, which includes mentions of your brand on social media before and after event, welcome cocktail, speaker sessions, space to exhibit your brand.

After registration has been completed you will receive a welcome email asking you to send us your logo and some pictures (high resolution ) to start promoting your brand or business within 3 to 5 days in our social media.


This application by itself does not mean that the applicant has registered at the event or implies any obligation. The process of registering at the event is only completed after the applicant has been approved by The Trunk Show and the payment has been made through the invoice that we will send after completing this application. I understand and accept that once the payment has been made and this application has been submitted for the space specified here, all vendor’s fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

THE TRUNK SHOW and its logo, is a brand owned, managed and run by THE TRUNK SHOW LLC. all use of the logo and promotional materials may be subject of inspection by the Organizer to ensure proper use and compliance.

Vendors must keep all merchandise within the confinements of their space. Displays must be maintained in a neat & upscale appearance at all times. During event hours the exhibitor must have a person who is in the stall all the time.

During the event, all commercial transactions are strictly between vendors and buyers. The Organizer, THE TRUNK SHOW LLC. dba: THE TRUNK SHOW, serves only as an event arranger. The Organizer, THE TRUNK SHOW LLC., assumes no responsibility for the condition of merchandise.

All dealings conducted by vendor and vendor’s personnel must be performed so as not to infringe upon the rights of other sellers or offend visitors to the event.

Any request to change or cancel a booking has to be made by the Vendor via email to the organizer notifying the request at least 10 days before the date of the event. Any change or cancellation made after the 10 days period above stated, will be interpreted as a violation of this agreement and may result in the charge of the full commitment value and no right to be re-accommodated.

For the avoidance of doubt, under no circumstances will the Vendor hold the organizer responsible for any damage, loss or defacement of goods or property on display occurring, during, before or after the operating of the The Trunk Show Event, no matter how it was caused.

In organizing an event of this magnitude, the organizer: THE TRUNK SHOW LLC. needs to orchestrate several factors, many that are out of its control, for that reason, changes in time, date or venue may happen. The Organizer reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or change the time, date of the event or change its venue, content and the speakers at any time at its own discretion in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. In the case of a reschedule, reasonable efforts will be made to reorganize and in these cases, the exhibitor understands and accepts that the amount paid will not be refundable, but will be accredited in full for the next event already reorganized.

Even though THE TRUNK SHOW LLC. dba: THE TRUNK SHOW constantly promotes its events through various means of communication and publicity, the vendor also understands that he/she must promote and execute their own promotion or marketing campaigns in anticipation to the event, in order to drive its own audience, generate sales and ensure success, as all the vendors do on each event. THE TRUNK SHOW LLC. dba: THE TRUNK SHOW, does not guarantee vendor sales, event attendees or rate of success.

In the event of any loss/ removal/ damage caused to the operating area and its furnishings/ fixtures, the Vendor will be held liable for the loss, removal or damage and shall pay Organizer such sums as Organizer may determine for the loss or damage caused to the aforesaid.

Electricity will be limited and available upon previous request. Vendors must provide their own heavy-duty extension cords (50 ft. minimum) and lamps if extra lighting is required to showcase their merchandise.

Tables must be completely set up between the period of time assigned by the organizer in next notifications to be received and remain open until the time announced publicly for the end of the event. For safety reasons, Tear-down of the booth is not permitted prior to the closing of the Event time. Leave the premises with the merchandise before the closing time, previously announced through our public announcements and ads, could result in a penalty with charges of up to $300.00

Vendors will have one hour to pack up and vacate the venue. The vendor is responsible for leaving the vendor’s area in the condition that it was in originally, i.e. removal of all debris such as boxes and trash.

The vendor will not use adhesive tape/nails/pins on the premises walls.

The event may take place in an indoor and outdoor venue; vendors must transport their own goods from the parking area to the venue and must have hand trucks or dolly to transport merchandise. The vendor will set up, staff and conduct all sales at their table.

The vendor is not allowed to relocate to another booth without seeking the permission of the Organizer at all times and shall not shift/ adjust booth set up outside of the permissible space, resulting in the obstruction of other Vendor(s)’ operation and/ or the walkway.

Swearing, vulgarity and crass behavior are not tolerated. You may be asked to leave and/or escorted out of the event at the discretion of the Event staff security personnel if available. Children are welcome but may not be left unsupervised.

Vendors agree to abide by the laws of the city of Miami, Miami- Dade County, the State of Florida and to comply with the policies of the Event staff.